About us


Visitors are not subject to these rules until they have embraced the idea of being part of this ministry.

Time - We teach that all of PE should respect church time. Those that have positions are reminded that they are examples to the congregation. We desire to start our services on time regardless of attendance.

Tithes and offerings - We teach that tites and offerings are an act of honoring God. The bible teaches it as a way to bless the House of God, the man of God and those that are in need. Tithes is 10% of the gross income that we receive. All tithes is to be given to the church. The Pastor shall oversee all tithes. The offering is a free will gift based on what God has challenged you to give. An envelop will be given to record all gifts of love. The year's end of your total gifts will be given if requested.

Ministries - We teach that those that are called to ministry must be faithful to receive elevation. They must be obedient to leadership, and thirher, and a lover of God. More information will be given on request.

Boards, Committees, and Auxiliaries are extenstions of the Pastor and church. The Pastor will select all presidents of all committees. Once that committee has available positions, they can vote in who they desire to work with. However, the Pastor can if, so desire organize a committe. The church will not support serving on any board, etc., that is out of relationship with God, or failing to do what is required in the church.

Lifestyles - We teach that God is love and our ministry is set to show love to everyone. However, we cannot teach what the bible disapproves of such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, incest, living together while unmarried, drugs, and alcoholics. Anyone is welcome to attend our services, yet we must preach the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ. The teaching is not to offend anyone but to teach you through the Word and prepare you for heaven.

Life after death - We teach that salvation is only through the blood of Jesus. We believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead through the operation of God. We believe that Jesus was born without sin. We beleive in the Rapture of the Church. We believe that we receive the Spirit of Christ upon accepting Christ. The baptism of the Holy Ghost is a separate stage that power is released. We believe in a real burning hell as the bible teaches. We believe that eventually God will make a new earth for those that are saved. We also shall live together with him.

Dress Code - We are asking our women to honor the 1st Day of the week as a special day to honor our God. Therefore, those that can are asked to wear dresses or skirts on Sundays. Pants are permitted during the wee. Men are asked to wear dress shoes, pants, and shirt.

Note: this is not bible but a desire from Pastor.

Baptism - We teach everyone should be baptized after salvation. Our method is: in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. If someone ask to be done in Jesus's name, we can honor that request as well.

Salvation - We teach we must be born again. Salvation is only through Jesus. We believe that once a person confesses Christ, they're ready for heaven. Sanctification is a cleansing process of fleshly desires.

"We are trying to do God's will and teach what scripture teaches. We will be putting teams together to evangelize the community. Those that need to be baptized please contact Sis. Sonja Scott. If you see something you would like to do, please talk to Pastor. 

If this document doesn't offend you and you desire to become part of Pentecostal Experience, please let Bishop Caldwell Know. God Bless You!